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Monday, September 27, 2010

Twamps = Teen Vampires

After reading this, first, let me say this is some BS!

Ok I have a healthy interest in all things supernatural, even the vampire and werewolf myths, but this whole "I'm gonna bite you thing to feel closer to you" is insane and in my opinion another example of our society going to the crapper due to the marketing and sensationalism of this recent movie, TV and fictional book trend.

I can get how some of these teens today find solace in a book about love between "different" beings, because they're feeling lonely and brooding about what they can't have themselves or are misunderstood. Let's face it, we all went through it at some point and most of us still are to some degree. But guess what, we dealt with it and moved on. We didn't create or try to live the fantasies that we read because we were more realistic than these twamps living a "dream". We knew we would be committed for being crazy or even worse, not be taken seriously. I know i probably sound old and conservative by saying that but I like reality and until we find some sort of other humanoid life out there that we're compatible with, I'm calling foul.

Just because you find it hard to live in the real world and deal with things as they come does not mean you have to go off the deep end to pretend you're a vampire and even further, suck someone's blood. That's just nasty.

It really seems like parents not spending enough time with their kids forcing them to grow up by themselves unsupervised and whet do they do, they begging living an unsustainable life. They get everything they desire just to shut them up and not disturb mommy or daddy. This "upbringing" will inevitably lead to a dangerous future where reality and fantasy will not be separated in our kid's minds.

Kids, grow up. your damned job!

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