the times, like the leaves, are a changing

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last I checked, the United States was still on the North American continent

Maybe Tea Partiers
do have something in
common with tea bags
They're both used up
and used to getting soaked!
The Tea Party has made headlines around the country for months, with pundits fascinated by the spectacle of mostly older, mostly white, mostly angry conservative activists demanding that President Barack Obama "give their country back". - BBC News

My question is where do you think it went (without your knowledge) and who took it? You can’t be serious that you “think”, and I use that term loosely with this band of numbnuts, that the president did this.

Hey, cranky old white people! Yeah I’m talking to you. Take a look at those other young and cranky old white people, and the puppets they string along in office that YOU put in the congress. They’re the ones who are screwing you over royally with their self interested votes.

Again…WAKE UP!

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  1. maybe they need to drink some chamomile and chill out.