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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More "Psycho Talk"

Land of the Lost

As Mr. Ed Schultz from MSNBC's the Ed Show would say, "more psycho talk". The saddest thing about this is not only that they're just crazy and trying to re-write history, it's that since it is one of the biggest textbook markets the publishers will likely bow to their demands which affects the rest of the civilized and free thinking people in this country. It should not be that when the Texas Board of Education whines about the Christian faith being bashed or in their view, unfairly represented, that we should all have to suffer and not learn the truth about what really happened in our past. I'm all for truthful representation, but these people are hiding their faith behind when they truly harbor very un-Christian feelings about the people of the religion they seek to discredit.

They cry about communism and socialism taking over their lives from the white house, but isn't this one of their governing bodies attempting to control what people learn and think? in my opinion the people behind this are racially motivated to make non-white (by their definition) muslims the villians in an attempt to hang on to the last vestiges of social relavance and power they once had over the thinking of a country who has become more and more dispossessed with radical and controlling religious institutions. You know, the control and influence the founders of this country were running away from in the form of the British Empire?


  1. how are we not supposed to "mess with Texas" when Texas is messing with us?

  2. People really need to educate themselves and THINK for themselves. Some many things get wrapped up with one another and people have on clue how to dissect them. How is religion get tied up with politics? Check history. They have very much been intertwined but we need to be able to unravel those lines so we can examine the issues more thoroughly.

    As for the communism/socialism propaganda, people need to get a more thorough understanding of what these ideologies practice. There are definitely ideals of socialism that need to be implemented into American society. Capitalism only worked for some, for a little while. We need to get it together. We can do better and we should!