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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pontificating Poisonous Pontiffs

So today, the pope, while visiting the UK (Scotland to be more exact) compared atheism to Nazism. Hmm...interesting.

I'll get to that in a minute.

What's more telling and interesting to me is who he surrounds himself with. A self professed peace bringer is flanked by one of his senior aides, Cardinal Walter Kasper, who spoke these demeaning and thinly veiled racist words in an interview with a German magazine:
 "England today is a secularised, pluralistic country. When you land at Heathrow Airport, you sometimes think you'd landed in a Third World country."
This reminds me of a conversation I heard about at my gym last week (I'm sad I missed, but heard about) when a guy asked where FIU (Florida International University) was located. He was answered that it was on the east coast somewhere in Miami. To which our resident "crazy" man (we really think this man needs help) responds, and I'm paraphrasing, that "that sounds right since it's more 'internantional over there'. A friend of mine reminded him that he may want to be more careful and sensitive with his choice of words telling him his statement was "borderline racist". Crazy man (aka Ree Ree) shoots back "I'm not a racist I'm just a redneck"

What does that even mean? That you can say that and are absolved of it because you don't know any better? Or better yet, that since you think only other white people are listening that you can say it because you think they're on your side.

You may be asking why I'm telling this story? It's because there's a huge group of people out there who subscribe to this thinking. I'm not saying they need to change who they are, I'm just saying they need to man up and really say what's on their mind and stop pussyfooting around how they really feel about non-white people who are increasing in numbers. I get it, you're scared because society is evolving and you're starting to feel like and endangered species. Problem is we're all increasingly not caring about color but the actual person and their own merits.

The once majority and quickly becoming the minority have a problem with this because they feel like their world is being taken from them. well guess what folks? I have news for was never yours to claim. whether it's London or Miami or whether your people are indigenous to the area or not, EVERYONE, no matter what race color or creed, has a right to be there and live without fear of discrimination or persecution because they don't happen to look like you. If you happen to believe in a god you'll have to agree that "it" created the world and the people in it to co-exist, not to divide and fracture the landscape for a groups personal gain.

I'll finish by commenting the pope's discussion about atheism with some of the same advice for him.

First, leave atheists alone. Just because they haven't drank the kool-aid, bow down to invisible people in the sky and don't happen to believe what you do, doesn't make them bad people and they certainly shouldn't be judged on the previous actions of other supposed atheists. It's not your place to force any one religion or view on these people.

Secondly, we all know about your involvement in questionable activities and the racket you've got going on with your palatial living, fear mongering and divisive messages. Give it a rest. You can't blame anyone but yourself and the empire the catholic church has built on the backs of faithful believers. It was destined to fall and get back to its roots. Mother Theresa live a frugal and service filled life, why can't you and the rest of your cronies?

Last bit of advice, admit your guilt now and ask for forgiveness if you ever want to have a chance at salvation here on earth or in whatever heaven you believe you'll be granted access to.

Jesus wasn't a Facebook friend collector, so what are you trying to be? Answer: You and the other power brokers of religion want the power to control the masses if only to squelch the alternative views of the minority but more likely to hide your misdeeds and severe un-christian-like behavior.

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  1. Ha! Same ole, different day. Look at him trying to change the subject. I swear this dud needs to start his own spin class.