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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

American Ingnorance Does NOT Lead to American Exceptionalism

A lot has been going on in the world lately most of which goes on unnoticed by the general public and it's crazy maddening. Admittedly I've been distracted by things going on in my personal life but even that's no excuse not to stay informed and spread the knowledge that I gain on a day to day basis with my followers and whomever I come into contact with. I've ranted about people not taking ownership of their own ideas and ideals and I still find myself wondering why people subscribe to fake news organizations, a-la Fox News and the like. It's such an insult to the human intelligence.

I'm also wondering why, with a president as intelligent and reasonable as we have, batshitcrazy right-wingers are dictating our social agenda? Any thoughts on this other than it's better to work with our enemies (Republicans/tea-baggers) than fight them? I'm sure that's a valid argument and all, but it was their fault for getting them into the mess for the last 8-10 years wasn't it? For that reason, I propose a witch hunt!

Some wouldn't agree, but it's my belief that these a-holes should be exposed for the silver-tongued, two-timing shysters that they are by all means necessary. Remember that saying "throw the bums out"? Looks to me like we need to become a country of our word again.

Furthermore, ignorance isn't bliss. That's why we are where we are as a nation now. For too long we've allowed people that do not have our (the laity) best interests in mind. They only care about their bottom line and what they believe are the values that should be promoted. Our policies socially and politically should be based in reality and on rational, tried and true solutions that make sense and are not based on an individual or minority inclinations. Everything now is all just a little to subjective in my opinion and not nearly based in fact but mostly fiction and trial and error.

As it stands, this isn't a democratic society.

Do you really feel that your representatives are fighting for your rights? If you think they do, and that they're just like you, I direct you to look at their bank accounts/assets and where the funding's coming from. I guarantee that lobbyists are in these public servants pockets and hearts. Take a look at their views on DADT, marriage equality, wall street/financial reform, war, foreign policy, domestic policy & best of all religion in politics. If after looking at their voting records and personal views on each you still feel these "elite" politicians have your best interests in mind, then I submit that you're more delusional that I gave the American public credit for.
People I encounter, whether it's at the office, the gym or the grocery store want to tout that we're the best country in the world and that we can do now wrong. To those people, I just shake my head and wonder if they've ever read a history book that wasn't immediately slanted from the presses in our favor from the good ole boy publishers based in Texas; you know, that consummate fountain of intelligence and knowledge that consistently threatens to secede from the union.

I'll finish with this for now: American Exceptionalism can't be gained through complacency. If you want change, pull your head out of the sand; you're not and ostrich and you're capable of intelligent thought. Remember, evolution separated us from the rest of the animal kingdom by granting us the ability to rationalize and problem solve. Let's start solving for X.