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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Fuck You...Pay Me!

I can't believe this shit....I didn't think the holidays could get any worse.

Get this shit. My ex-roommate moved out in mid november knowing full well that he had to pay his last half of the rent to the landlord. Tim was a pretty good guy about money and responsibility so I figured everything would be cool. We pretty much split amicably and haven't had contact since.

This is where it gets crazy...I originally had the apartment and had put up the deposit money for it. He came along and gave me a deposit for the room I let out to him. Mind you...the original deposit is mine. I get my deposit back in the mail today and guess what, it's missing like 800 bucks. All I'm seeing now is red because 1st of all he lied to me. 2nd of all the landlord didnt even respond when I asked them about this specific subject of rent being paid. 3rd he didnt pay his half of the utilities when he left and 4th he stole some of my shit when he left. So the deposit that he did give me was supposed to go to his non-payment of the utilities and crap he stole. I mean it was little shit like spices and kitchen utentsils and other miscellaneous stuff around the apartment but it was still MINE!

I tried to be nice, and I was a good roommate, but wow...this guy has balls. I mean this was the icing on the cake. What a great way to start off 2006!

I'm going to stop writing now before I write something I regret.

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