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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Fred Doctrines

Dear (blank) and (blank) you know who you are,

You are in direct violation of the friend/ex communication clause in your contract. To avoid further prosecution you shall cease and desist all violations post haste. Under penalty of the Fred Doctrines you will be extradited to my presence and be dealt with accordingly.
If you didn't understand the previous...lemme simplify.....Imma cut you if you dont delete and stop all contact with anyone reminding me of a VERY painful and deceptive time in my life.


Needless to say, I found out that 2 of my really good friends are still fraternizing with my ex, and yeah...I don't like it. That was a dark time in my life and to know that MY friends are still in contact and communicae with him really burns me up. I mean it was him who said that he wanted to move on with his life. So move on already. My friends are not part of your life. They don't even live near you.

I'm tring very hard to move on and get over that whole mess and it keeps popping up. I've moved the same.

Back off!

And to you two friends...get your priorities straight. It's called loyalty. I don't expect anything that I don't give myself.

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