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Friday, April 23, 2010

Why is Racism still being disguised as Heritage?

How far have we really come as a nation? When alumna of Kappa Alpha identify Robert E. Lee as it’s patron and spiritual motivation while dressing up in confederate army uniforms, waving rebel flags and effectively intimidating more diverse Greek sororities and fraternities by marching and standing outside their campus houses, do we as a nation see this as a festering problem?

I’m all for freedom of speech and expression, but when will the veiled face of racism, bigotry and hate disguised as “southern heritage” finally stop? The civil war wasn't just about freeing the slaves, it was also about the percieved damaging of the southern economy by way of freeing the slaves. This is a distinction not usually discussed because it's easier not to. Either way, it was a problem. The South was up in arms about it because it would lose it's most profitable asset, free labor. We as Americans believe that a person should be paid for their hard work. Celebrating a rebellon that goes against that principle is dangerous and ill defensible. It's even more offensive when it's portrayed as keeping Southern Heritage alive.

Southern heritage as I’ve seen it is hospitality, politeness and the general honoring of moral obligation. Instead what has overshadowed, and almost replaced what is a rich culture to be proud of, is the disgusting scent of hate perpetuated by individuals and mobs of mostly southern white men who are still bitter that minorities have been allowed to live side by side with them and being treated far more equally that they believe is deserved.

I’m happy that msnbc has posted an article about this issue, but sadly it’s not enough to shed light on what the true problem is. It’s ugly yes, but it’s there and should be exposed for what it is…hate.

Take a look at the article and fill in the blanks. There are a lot of them.

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