the times, like the leaves, are a changing

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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  1. I just find it interesting that all these conservative "straight" people have a problem with people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for love of country. These men and women wake up everyday with their job/duty on their mind. They're the first ones to rush into harms way. You can debate whether or not they're placed on the frontline or are utilized as suppoert all you want, the bottom line is they're DOING SOMETHING TO PROTECT US. More than half of you out there probably wouldn't even think to pick up a rifle and defend your country vouluntarily, but you'd scream bloody murder if sometone even dared questioned your "patriotism", civil rights or right to bear arms. And I'm not just talking to the conservatives right now, i'm talking to ALL OF US. It's time we took a long and hard look at who we are as a country and make some changes. We're supposed to be a country of EQUAL opportunity and acceptance of all HUMANITY. No one's asking for gay people to have some sort of affirmative action policy; some quota or special treatment. All that's being demanded is the right to serve without your country making you out to be a liar.