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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ethnicity: Is it ok that the Jew is only ethnicity that is "off limits"?

So I'm reading this article What's Up With The Jews? by opinion writer Stanley Fish via the New York Times and I find myself questioning, like many, the validity that the Jew is the only culture/entity/race/ethnicity that is completely off limits. I'm looking at this from a different perspective though.

Forget making fun of or going with usual thought that the the Jews are responsible for bankrupting everyone else and in control of everything we see and hold dear, let's talk about what Mr. Fish touched on briefly in regards to the Jewish nation, Israel.

I've always been a believer of nation states being self sufficient and prosperous as we'd like to continue having for ourselves in the US. Sure everyone needs aid from time to time and that's totally ok. My problem lies with all nations not taking responsibility for their actions perceived and or real. In this case we're talking about Israel.

When Mr. Netanyahu addressed the US Congress today with the overarching theme that the US is a "friend" and ally, I said ok. When he congratulated President Obama and the US for getting bin Laden, I said ok. When he started talking about not being able to go back to the 1967 borders to create a Palestinian State because they are "indefensible", but continues to condone the settlement of areas that are in to this day in conflict, I said whoa. I wanted to ask why they aren't defensible number 1, and number 2 did you forget how you came by these lands that are in question?

Granted, the US is at fault for supporting and sponsoring their side of this mess throuh the years but that doesn't mean that we should all be indoctrinated into beleiving it was all for the greater good or that the Israeli's shit doesn't stink and are only thinking of our and their security in the region and that they are our forver friend because of our "support". This is kind of hard to stomach considering that the Prime Minister still perpetuates a policy that, on it's face, means the eviction of a people from their ancestral lands. The reason for this is long and involved as most things are for the Middle Eastern region, but suffice it to say an Jewish state needed to be created. Historically the two peoples shared this land. they sahre it now. what's at stake here is politics and face-saving in my opinion.

We have gotten into more conflicts over the years because we were looking out for Israel and our "national security interests" in the region. I call bullshit. Oil and influence to control the flow of oil from the region is not good enough to enter into conflicts that do not concern our national security. We like everyone else need to learn that imperialistic causes and missions aren't gaining us any friends and will not secure our homeland in the long run. What it will do is agitate and bring trouble to our shores. We need to become energy independent and fiscally responsible by all means necessary to set an example and balance out the relations between the global states.

I'll cut this short and open it up for discussion with these questions:

1. Why is it that we always turn a blind eye to what certain allies do for their "security"?

2. Persecuted in the past or not, WHY do we not hold accountable and prosecute the "friends" we call allies for their wrongs if we're supposed to be the leading paragon of morality?

3. When is the last time that we can point to that is high or even low profile that Israel has directly intervened on our behalf?

4. Why do we elect representatives who lead us like sheep to the slaughter?

We as a people should be smarter that this and if we're not (right now we aren't) we need to wake up and smell the shitstorm that's at our doorstep.


  1. I do partly blame the US for siding with the Palestinian nation in the beginning. Even today, I don't think the US knows what exactly it is that we have to do with the Middle Eastern region. Actually, I can put all the blame on the US now that I think of it.

    Man, I want to get into detail but I'll end up writing a post myself. I will say this though, while the US is busy trying to befriend the nation, the nation is f-cking us...HARD!

  2. G,

    Is it your assertion that the Palestinians are to blame for the current mess or the Israeli's?

    Just want to be clear. I think you did mean Israel when you said the "US for siding with the Palestinian nation in the beginning." Is that right?