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Monday, March 22, 2010

Repulsed huh?

So today Sen. John McCain (aka the loser) from the last, and I use this term loosely, "democratic" election, has cried foul and said that he's "repulsed by all this euphoria going on".

Hmm, interesting. So when you have a majority, you're supposed to get what you want, right? That's the whole point of voting and majority ruling like we've always been taught, right? If that's all true, (NOT) then why is the right crying about a little celebration for the Dems getting what they set out to do and wanted? If it were you guys celebrating how you got a bill passed that allowed the carrying of handguns anytime and anywhere, you'd DEFINITELY be jumping for joy. I'll tell ya why they're pissy right now. It's because first, it wasn't their idea, second, it's gonna hurt their bottom line, and third, there's always and I mean ALWAYS a double standard when it comes to these two parties. When one is in power, it's not ok for the other to do anything without checking with the other. Furthermore, and I'm gonna just throw this blanket statement out here, the Right is usually a little more selfish. The Left definitely can be too, but when it comes to social policies the Right is basically touting the a survival of the fittest philosophy. Kinda ironic, how Darwin's natural selection theory is suitable when it fits them huh?

Tell me how this bill is going to hurt us more than the resolution you signed to get us into our current conflicts? Get over it John. You lost in 08" and ya lost again here in 10' with the rest of the selfish boneheads.

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